Hounslow Festival of Music, Speech and Dance

        Registered Charity no: 1035333
      Affiliated to The British and International Federation of Festivals



Would you like to become a patron of Hounslow Festival of Music, Speech & Dance ? For a small donation to support the work of the Festival your name will be printed on our syllabus, programme and website. A Patron ticket will also allow multiple entry into the Festival sections.

Note that audience members pay to attend each session at the door. A session is usually a morning, afternoon or evening.

There are three types of Patron :

1. Stage Dancing Patron - this allows multiple entry into the Stage Dancing Section ONLY over the duration of the Festival.

2. Standard Patron - this allows multiple entry into any Section of the Festival EXCEPT the Stage Dancing Section.

3. Honourable Patron - this allows multiple entry into ANY section of the Festival.

Any amount can be donated to the Festival, but we ask for a minimum donation of £20.00 for a Stage Dancing OR Standard Patron, and a minimum donation of £ 40.00 for an Honourable Patron.

Please visit our 'Contact Us' page or click on the link below to send us an email:

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  • **Note that as the Festival is a Charity run by volunteers, messages are only read periodically**
  • updated 30/07/22