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Data Protection

The Data Protection Act 2018 incorporates the principes of the General Data Protection Regulations. This replaced the Data Protection Act 1988, under which Hounslow Festival has been compliant.

The legislation is there to better protect personal and sensitive data AND gives individuals more rights over how their data is used.This includes competitor's information AND that belonging to the staff of Hounslow Festival.

Data Protection - the 7 Principles

1. Data collection is lawful, fair & transparent

2. Data is collected for a specified purpose

3. The collection of personal information must be limited, relevant and adequate for the purpose it has been collected

4. Data is accurately recorded and kept up-to-date

5. Data is only retained as long as is necessary for processing

6. Ensure that personal data is protected against loss, destruction, unlawful processing and unauthorised access

7. The data Controller is responsible for and able to demonstrate compliance to all the previous principles.

Failure of Compliance :

  • Larger penalties - £ 80m plus, or 4% of worldwide turnover
  • Impacts on brand and reputation as the ICO (Information Commissioners Office) can stop us processing data. Any breach must be reported to the ICO within 72 hours.
  • Data Subject Rights :

    Competitors and Hounslow Festival staff can request a copy of any information held.

    1. Right to rectification - within 1 month

    2. Right of removal - if there is no need to keep it

    3. Right to restrict processing - if the data subject does not think the data is accurate or the processing is unlawful.

    4. Right to restrict marketing - promotion and selling of products or services, including market research and advertising.

    Personal data relates to an identifiable person. In the context of the Hounslow Festival this relates to :

    Contact information - Name, Address, Telephone Number & Email

    Age - although we do not ask or record the date of birth. This is to ensure the competitor is placed in the correct category for the competition.

    Photos or images - primarily used in the Stage Dancing Section and explicitly mentioned on the paperwork of the section. Other sections may use photos or images if agreed on an individual basis.

    Under the GDPR Hounslow Festival does not record any information classified as "sensitive data".

    Data Storage & Sharing :

  • Data is stored by the section leaders securely either electronically or in the form of paper records, and is retained for a period of 13 months (unless otherwise agreed with the individual)from the date the section takes place before being securely destroyed. This ensures that the competitor is captured on our mailing list for the following year, and also acts as a cross check for regular competitors when entering different age categories plus their contact details.
  • Limited data sharing is also provided to the Hounslow Festival treasurer, syllabus secretary, publisher and other staff as deemed necessary for running Hounslow Festival. Limited information is also shared with other bodies, e.g. the British & International Federation of Festivals, Charity Commission and other such governmental bodies as deemed necessary for compliance with the Festival's functions.
  • Published Syllabuses and Programmes are retained in the Hounslow Festival Archives.
  • The names of Trophy or Cup winners are retained on them and the published electronic versions held on the Hounslow Festival website.
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  • updated 17/06/23